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Executives need to understand where internal controls and corporate compliance programs failed and succeeded. At Artifice, we discreetly identify the scope, modus operandi, participants and knowledgeable parties related to any scheme designed to subvert a business’ export controls.

Artifice integrates our proven, traditional fraud investigative techniques with advanced forensic accounting skills and regulatory knowledge. Our work provides decision makers with a clear picture of the financial statement impact, financial impact on government claims and other relevant information resulting from alleged violations of export controls or sanctions.

The abilities, resources and needs of each company are unique, as are the risks and situations they face. Our wealth of experience has helped us sharpen the investigative techniques we use to uncover common fraud strategies, but it has also taught us to listen carefully to our clients and create customized plans for each engagement. Artifice has worked effectively with chief compliance officers, in-house and outside counsel, boards of directors, and executive management. We are able to listen and report back to clients in terms that make sense for all of these audiences, explaining our results in terms of financial statement impact, potential legal consequences and overall effect on the business.

In situations where our clients’ interests are best protected through attorney-client privilege, we team with attorneys focused on international trade/exports enforcement law. If needed, we can recommend appropriate attorneys. We have worked with many former AUSAs and/or officials from the Department of Commerce or Department of State who are now in private practice. Their government experience gives them in-depth knowledge of the concerns businesses need to address when examining export controls. Our attorney referrals have demonstrated an ability to focus on the key issues while remaining cognizant of broader concerns and risks.

For attorneys representing companies or individuals, each export enforcement situation your clients face is unique, as are the parties involved, risks and resolutions. We team with you, providing experience-based, dependable investigative services and forensic accounting advice throughout all aspects of your representation. From initial tactical/investigative planning through reporting and possible self-disclosures, in meetings with government attorneys/officials and, if necessary, in the courtroom, Artifice is your dependable forensic accounting and financial advisor.

You can’t make critical business decisions in a vacuum. Our highly skilled professionals ensure
that you understand the relevant facts necessary
to your case, including those related to complex financial or accounting issues.

We help businesses pinpoint internal control and compliance program break-downs and successes, and identify relevant outlying issues early. We maintain amenable working relationships with federal agents and government attorneys. Our experience has resulted in a wealth of proprietary institutional knowledge about how they conduct investigations and assess corporate cooperation/culpability.

As a leading provider of independent corporate monitoring services, Artifice has developed a unique understanding of what government agencies expect when it comes to corporate compliance. Government regulators and enforcers factor in the effectiveness of internal controls and corporate compliance programs when determining a corporation’s liability. Our experience with monitorships helps us target our investigations and recommendations to the issues and processes most likely to generate unfavorable rulings from those who oversee your business. Our professionals have conducted enough assessments of corporate internal controls and compliance programs to establish credibility with the various government agencies charged with oversight.

Artifice maintains indpendence over and above that required by regulators. This not only enhances our credibility, but it also allows us to respond to urgent needs immediately, without having to resolve conflicts or other administrative issues. If necessary, we can mobilize our team(s) to begin work on-site within 24 hours.

In order to develop a clear picture of your expectations, each engagement begins with our team listening to you describe the problems facing your business. Then we explain clearly how we can help. These initial discussions often help clients more fully appreciate the potential ramifications of their problems and enable them to more effectively avoid or mitigate the possible consequences.

Artifice has a proven track record of providing thorough and understandable reports to key decision makers. We deliver oral and written presentations that describe the conduct and impact of alleged export sanction violations to private owners, executive management, boards of trustees, boards of directors, audit committees, external auditors, insurers, regulatory and/or criminal authorities and other interested parties. We also assist with responses to regulatory audit requests and subpoenas, as well as packaging referrals for law enforcement.

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