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Artifice professionals bring a practical business understanding to each engagement, working with the client to find a solution that mitigates risk exposure without overly taxing human resources and budgets.

Corporate compliance programs have two main functions. First and foremost, they monitor operations, as well as the work of directors, executives and employees, to protect the company against fraud, waste and abuse. Second, in the event that fraud is detected at a business, the existence of a compliance program that meets certain standards can protect the business, as well as its directors, executives and employees, from criminal and civil liability. Under the law, an entity can be considered vicariously liable for the actions of its employees and agents. More than ever before, businesses, officers, executives and employees also face possible government penalties that could be significant, such as suspension, debarment, delisting, or indictment.

In addition, more U.S. businesses do business outside of U.S. borders today than ever before. Opportunities abound for international business consolidations and expansion within our globalized economy, sometimes in countries where practices not acceptable within the U.S., such as bribery, are intrinsic in the culture and business practices. Accordingly, with these great business opportunities come new demands on corporate compliance programs and internal controls, as well as risks to companies, their executives, officers, board members and employees.

Artifice’s experienced professionals are intimately familiar with what government enforcement agencies look for when they evaluate internal controls and corporate compliance programs. Our advisors have been engaged by and relied upon by the DOJ to assess the design and effectiveness of these areas as part of government investigations of criminal activities. Artifice professionals have also been engaged as independent corporate monitors to advise on and monitor the remedial measures that companies take to make their internal controls and corporate compliance programs conform to the terms of their agreement with the government.

Your team includes dedicated fraud experts with extensive experience in accounting, internal controls, auditing, security, technology,
compliance, interviewing and investigations.

We have assisted various types of companies to proactively assess their unique corporate environments in a manner that assimilates their culture, industry, controls, compliance programs and risks. Our assessments incorporate management’s concerns, their strategic direction and any other factors that could potentially impact the current or future state of the company’s financial infrastructure and operations.

In conducting internal investigations, our professionals routinely assess internal controls, either in whole or in part. Our experience includes many engagements in a variety of entities across a broad spectrum of sizes, forms and industries. Accordingly, there are not many schemes that we haven’t seen or thought of over the course of our work. In many of our investigative matters, we have also assisted companies and counsel with developing and implementing remediation plans to address internal control failures or weaknesses.

The abilities, resources and needs of each entity are unique, as are the risks and situations they face. While some consultants consider certain controls to be some sort of a default “best practice,” our experience has found that controls are not a “one size fits all” and must take into account each entity’s unique environment, size, resources and budget.

At Artifice, we draw on our experience in assessing and remediating corporate compliance policies and internal control weaknesses, as well as our creativity in uncovering fraud schemes and unethical activities. Our recommendations always take into account a client’s unique circumstances, but we work to align any recommendations with our knowledge of what government enforcement agencies and regulatory agencies require and expect in corporate compliance programs.

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