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If you suspect that someone is defrauding your business, you need a resource that combines knowledge of business processes with a wealth of practical experience investigating and uncovering fraudulent activities.

When it comes to seeking out subterfuge not related to financial reporting, Artifice integrates our proven, traditional fraud examination techniques with advanced forensic accounting practices. We discreetly identify the scope, modus operandi, participants, and knowledgeable parties involved in the fraud. Our professionals help you understand where internal controls and corporate compliance programs failed and succeeded, and we help you assess the financial statement impact and other relevant consequences resulting from the alleged corporate fraud and/or misconduct.

Artifice also provides clear and concise reports to key decision makers. We have extensive experience with oral and written presentations describing the conduct and impact of alleged fraud or misconduct to boards of directors, audit committees, private owners, boards of trustees, external auditors, insurers, regulatory and/or criminal authorities, executive management and other interested parties.  In addition, we can assist with responding to subpoenas and/or packaging referrals for law enforcement.

Artifice’s approach is straightforward and focused. We listen to your problems, clarify your expectations and, based on our extensive experience in such matters, explain clearly how we can help you. In many instances, our initial discussions may help you more fully appreciate the potential ramifications of your problem(s) and enable you to more effectively avoid or mitigate their consequences.

Our experience as an independent corporate monitor provides us with a unique and invaluable perspective on the expectations of government criminal and regulatory enforcers. These agencies determine corporate liability based in part on the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls and corporate compliance programs.  Artifice’s work as a monitor helps to focus our investigations and subsequent remedial recommendations on the core and most relevant issues that expose a company to risk.

From the complaint to the courtroom, Artifice works to provide you with the relevant facts necessary to help you evaluate the strategies, arguments and courses of action that will most efficiently and effectively resolve your fraud related issues.

Our experience includes, but is not limited to, investigations of:

  • Asset Tracing and Recovery Assistance
  • Contractor / Vendor Due Diligence or Abuse
  • Internal Controls and Corporate Compliance
  • Criminal Referrals
  • Embezzlements
  • Ethics / Conflicts of Interest/Related Parties
  • Executive and Corporate Defense
  • False Claims Act Violations / Schemes
  • False Vendor Schemes
  • Financial Statement and Records Manipulations
  • Kickback Schemes and Anti-Trust Activities
  • Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Misuse / Misappropriation of Assets
  • Quantifications of Fraud Damages
  • Subpoena Responses
  • T&E or M&E Abuse
  • Whistleblower and “Hotline” Investigations


  You need a straightforward and focused approach to your financial fraud problems and concerns. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation.