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While the work of a corporate monitor is often new to a corporation being monitored and, in many cases, to the monitor, it is not new to Artifice.

Artifice provides independent corporate monitoring services to corporate entities that have entered into settlement agreements with government or other oversight organizations, often due to allegations of fraud or corporate misconduct. The role of an independent corporate monitor is still a relatively new one. The rules governing this practice area are only now being finalized, and monitored corporations have often suffered from a lack of standardization in the field and a poor understanding of the role and responsibilities of a corporate monitor.

Entities requiring a corporate monitor are best served by a firm that understands the issues that affect the monitored entity, the monitoring agencies and the monitor. At Artifice, we are mindful of the benefits that the use of a monitor provides to the public and the entity being monitored. At the same time, we are also keenly aware of and conscientious about a monitor’s costs and impact on an entity’s operations, employees, culture and management. Our capabilities in this regard are based on academic endeavors and exhaustive research on the topic, combined with practical experience serving as a monitor, working for monitors, and advising monitors. This direct experience includes serving in various capacities on multiple federal monitorships involving agencies such as the Department of Justice, the Department of Interior, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Education, the Small Business Administration, the Federal Highways Administration, and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

When our monitorship of a business concludes, we strive to leave behind a self-sustaining, robust and effective compliance and ethics program that will perpetuate without outside assistance.

In order to accomplish that goal, we use our extensive experience with previous monitorships to provide the monitored entity:

  • A clearer understanding of what government enforcement agencies and regulatory agencies require and expect
  • Sound guidance and a customized approach that recognizes the unique needs of each client
  • A balanced program that best assures the objectives of each party are met and problems are avoided
  • A well constructed and detailed work-plan that outlines achievable deadlines and allows us to accurately report our findings

Partner with a recognized leader in the emerging field of corporate monitoring.

Our Executive Director, John Hanson, is one of a handful of persons to have served more than once as a monitor in matters involving large organizations. His extensive knowledge and experience in monitorships was recognized by the American Bar Association, who appointed John to its Criminal Justice Section’s Task Force on Corporate Monitor Standards. John was the only non-lawyer voting member on the Task Force and played a significant role, both in the committee’s substantive work developing standards and best practices for corporate monitors, and with outreach/liaison work with government agencies and other interested and affected parties. John is presently also in the process of forming the International Association of Independent Corporate Monitors, which will serve as a resource and education center on the topic. Learn more about John.

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